About Us

Alangh Infosec is a global Cybersecurity consulting practice that delivers deep expertise, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to protect and transform critical business functions. We help future-ready organizations overcome threats and create a safe and inclusive digital work environment to confidently face the future. Our Cybersecurity consulting solutions span critical business problems and seek to protect sensitive data, adhere to regulatory compliances and mitigate the ever-increasing cyber crime.

As digital adoption accelerates and technology evolves rapidly, we are committed to providing future-ready organizations with high-end Cyber Security consulting services for businesses of all sizes.

At Alangh, we are committed to our client's and partner's success through our Cybersecurity practices offering Cyber Security Advisory, Managed Security Services and Cyber Compliance Services.

We believe that by teaming together with our clients, we can tackle the business challenges presented by the ever-evolving world and discover and implement innovative, efficient and effective business solutions.


At Alangh, our mission and belief is in making the world of future-ready organizations a better place to function. With our sole focus being to move Cyber Security in the right direction by protecting, mitigating and managing the risk of our clients, customers and partners through rapid response to possible cyber threats and deployment of protective measures.


Here to better enterprise security through applying the best practices; unlocking newer opportunities–securely and making your enterprise cyber crime resilient.